Anchor Thrift Store
Come See What Treasures We Have! Thrift Store provides a much needed, inexpensive opportunity for shopping for local citizens as well as visitors. We are a not-for-profit organization serving Ocean Shores and North Beach since the late 80's. Our role is to turn your donations into treasures for resale with a portion of our proceeds directly benefiting the Ocean Shores Food Bank, North Beach's oldest and largest food bank. Our dedication to provide quality gently used goods at reasonable prices has enabled us to grow and serve the North Beach community for over three decades.
Hours of Operation/Location & Contact Info:
Open:                   10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday 
Location:              848 Anchor Ave. NW., Ocean Shores, WA 98569 (see map at bottom) 
Phone:                 (360) 289-2164
Manager:             Elissa Loudenback
Over 1,000 Items arrive each month to our Ocean Shores store!     
We have clothing for all ages organized by department, size & color: denim, shoes, baby stuff, toys, jewelry, accessories, antiques, furniture, kitchenware, small appliances, bedding & linens, sporting goods, books & records, gift cards, & much more!
 There are lots of $2 per item clothes racks and we have special weekly tag items at an additional 50% off!
 Your Patronage Feeds the Hungry: from Anchor Thrift Store directly benefit the Ocean Shores Food Bank and several other local charities. Specifically, your donations/purchases help provide emergency food to our North Beach community children, families and individuals who would have otherwise gone hungry.

 Our People: will find a courteous staff that is ready and willing to help. So, please join the thousands of shoppers each year who are looking for great bargains while shopping in a friendly, upbeat environment. You'll also have the satisfaction of knowing that with each purchase you will directly help transform the lives of those who are in need and hungry.
Donation Guidelines: may be dropped off anytime between 9:30-3:30 Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. 
No Donations accepted Wednesday and Thursday.

We accept donations of clothing and most household items in resalable condition.  Your donations are tax deductible, so please make sure when you make a donation to ask for a Donation form.

We reserve the right to not accept non-sellable or non-usable items.

Acceptable Items to Donate:
We are pleased to accept donations in good, clean, workable and sellable condition. Among the many items donated are:
- Gently used women's, men's, and children's clothing
- Gently used shoes and accessories. 
- Gently used household items such as towels, sheets, and curtains.
- Gently used carpet remants and throw rugs. 
- All kinds of items you would find in the kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms.  
- Plus nick-knacks, pictures, books, toys, games, baskets, sporting goods, tools, etc.
- File cabinets or office desks in good working order.
- Small appliances and electronics that are in good working order.
- Working flat screen (non-CRT) TVs, computer monitors, record players, trash compactors
- Working air conditioners, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers
- Working typewriters and sewing machines.  
        (NOTE: We do not have facilities to repair broken or non-working items).

Unacceptable Items:

- Automotive parts unless they are brand new 
- Non-working TVs and computer monitors
- Non-working computers 
- Damaged file cabinets or office desks. 
- Used household cleaners, paints, chemicals or other toxic waste 
- Mattresses, box springs, waterbeds, headboards and footboards
- Built-in appliances including water heaters and water softeners 
- Non-working trash compactors, dishwashers and air conditioners 
- Major appliances such as refrigerators, ranges, etc. 
- Medical supplies and equipment 
- Non-working humidifiers and dehumidifiers 
- Upright pianos, pipe organs and cabinet style record players 
- Used carpeting and padding 
- Encyclopedias and magazines 
- Non-working typewriters and sewing machines 
- Infant/children's car seats, Booster seats and Cribs (legal issues) 

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